I’ll never forget my exit interview at my corporate job. My manager asked, “do you really think you can make money as a personal trainer?

What he didn’t understand that I was already making money with a personal training side hustle. I had slowly been planning my exit using the skills I had accumulated over the 15 years I had worked in Corporate America.

With over a decade of sales training, relationship building skills and project management tools under my belt and I was ready to use them to build a path to achieving my own goals and living a life of purpose. It would take time to grow into the highly effective coach and a skillful personal trainer I wanted to be, but I already knew how to run a business.

Pamela’s experience, calmness and passion to guide women while bringing them together on their paths in business is inspiring. I’ve learned a lot, met some really great people and know that she has my back! She weaves thru all my ideas and grounds me so we can find the first step. So happy to have been able to connect and get to know her!

Abby O'Sullivan

Personal Trainer and Owner, Foxie Fit

Why would I leave a cushy job where I worked from home, traveled on someone else’s dime and got four weeks paid vacation plus almost bank holidays off?

It started with the Great Recession. Did I mention I worked for one of the biggest Banks of America? When what I lovingly call “The Purges” started in 2009, I knew I had to come up with a plan B. I got my personal training certification and, while I waited to be laid off, I started training as a side hustle.

It was a slow start but I got a few clients who I met after work (or on the occasional lunch break). I went to their homes or a small independent gym that allowed me train their clients without giving them a cut of my fee. Eventually, I found a martial arts studio that let me lease space from them for my first “studio”. Not only was I having a great time teaching woman how to feel better, look better and perform better, but I was also getting paid to make a lasting difference in someone’s life.

My personal training company, Thrive Personal Fitness, was growing but my severance package wasn’t coming. I had to make a choice – keep focusing my energy on a job I hated or take a chance and leap before I was 100% ready. I made the leap and never looked back.

Whatever you dare to do in your business, Pamela can give you tools, opportunities, and planning strategies to get you running with your goals. I’ve seen her get brand-new businesses off the ground, mine included, and I’ve seen her also reanimate long-term businesses.

Maria Savennas

Movement Teacher , Ms. Core

I started 2020 with three words as my guide posts: teach, travel and tribe. I was ready to launch my new digital course, grow my business coaching business and plan for my next adventure to Maui and visit to my California family.

Then the hard stop of COVID-19 hit. I was forced to take a break and for the first time I understood how burned out I was. The realities of post-pandemic life also made it clear that my model of personal training was no longer financially feasible. Everyone was now offering online courses and master classes. And my core business coaching audience – other personal trainers – was scrambling to find new ways of training their clients and holding tight to any income they had coming in.

 I knew I could not go back to the way things were but I also had no idea what to do next. But I believe the universe always has my back. A new door opened that would let me do all the things I loved without having carry everything on my shoulders.

Now I am proud to be the new Medical Fitness Director for Sharlin Health and Neurology. I can’t wait to welcome you into our new fitness center and share the next chapter of my journey.