I love teaching, creating, and connecting!

I am open to discussing new business development and leadership opportunities and private mentoring.

I would like to serve on another community board in 2022.


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What I Bring To The Table

I could make a list of my accomplishtments for you to read.

But I would rather share with you what others have to say about working with me.

In order to start 2020 on the right foot and start moving forward again, I needed guidance and encouragement.  Pamela’s mentorship program had all the elements I needed to help me refocus, develop realistic goals, and start taking action. 

Shannon Bradbury

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, Reuna Fitness

“Pamela Hernandez donated her time and service to a program implemented by the American Heart Association Go Red Better U program. She supported the Springfield, Missouri office Better U program by donating her services to 11 women for a 12 week program. 

She provided tools that not only helped the 11 participants achieve results at the end of the program, but in addition, laid a foundation for a fitness journey that will last a lifetime.

Many of our participants had health issues, physical limitations and time constraints that in their past had made it difficult to obtain long lasting health results. Pamela’s expertise and passion allowed each participant to find success at their own level and the desire to find time to take care of themselves. 

She guided each participant in determining where they were and changes they could make to achieve their desired goals. Each and every participant of the Better U program achieved measures of success – all were given tools to continue to be successful after the 12 week program and Pamela continues to stay in touch with all. One of the most important gifts that Pamela gave to the Better U group was confidence – they know they have the power within themselves to make changes, feel better and live healthier life. I feel that Pamela’s focus on group cohesiveness and team spirit supported that confidence – no one was left behind and each were cheerleaders for each other and for the group. The 2012 Better U Challenge would not have been the success that it was if not for the passion, expertise and heart of Pamela Hernandez.” – Tami Sandefer, former director American Heart Association.

I’ve enjoyed getting to know Pamela and being under her mentorship and guidance as a new personal trainer. Her experience, calmness and passion to guide women while bringing them together on their paths in business is inspiring. I’ve learned alot, met some really great people and know that Pamela has my back! She weaves thru all my ideas and grounds me so we can find the first step. So happy to have been able to connect and get to know her!

Abby O'Sullivan

Certified Personal Trainer, The Confident Weight Loss Academy