Are you feeling frustrated by your efforts to build your audience and find new clients?

Then my online course, Relationship Marketing For Personal Trainers: Build An Audience Without Feeling Icky and Overwhelmed is for you.  In this course, you’ll go from feeling frustrated and uncomfortable with sales and being ignored online to feeling organized and connected to your audience by experiencing the power of planning and a clear strategy. I’ll teach you the minimum dose of marketing tools that you need to reach a bigger audience and find your next new client. Enrollment will open again in Fall 2020. Click HERE to get your FREE relationship marketing audit now to be prepared and get early enrollment access.

Be More Than Just A Rep Counter

If you’re struggling to make a living as a personal trainer, I have two simple

changes you can make to grow your income without sales gimmicks or extra marketing.

If you live in 417-land, please join me for the Thrive Together – Connect business support group. Thrive Together – Connect is a place to find community with other women in wellness professions. Join in a monthly gathering with a goal on the 4th Friday of each month to learn, share and make new connections. You also get a chance to find common ground and support with the quarterly book study. Discussion questions will be posted in our Slack community periodically and we’ll meet to discuss the thoughts, challenges and insights from the book. RSVP for the next gathering by clicking here.

In order to start 2020 on the right foot and start moving forward again, I needed guidance and encouragement.  Pamela’s program had all the elements I needed to help me refocus, develop realistic goals, and start taking action. 

Shannon Bradbury

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, Reuna Fitness

Need more support with some extra accountability?  One-on-one coaching is available for any who is ready to commit to twice monthly coaching calls and a dedicated plan for growth.  Each coaching relationship starts with finding your Chief Initiative and then developing a strategic 12-month plan. I’ll provide the tools and guidance based on the path you are on. You also gain access to my Slack community to support you while you do the work to grow your practice and connect with other practitioners. Start here with my FREE mini-marketing audit or contact hello@pamelahernandez.com for more information.